Health Literacy from A-Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message

Helen Osborne’s book covers a range of topics from plain language and document formatting to email communication, Web site design, and touchscreen technology. She also covers topics such as shared decision making, risk communication, and dealing with barriers such as blindness or hearing difficulties.


CDC Clear Communication Index and Scoring Widget

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

 Clear Communication Index Scoring Widget

The CDC Clear Communication Index is a research-based tool to help you develop and assess public communication materials. The 20 items in the index build on and expand plain language techniques described in the Federal Plain Language Guidelines. The Index goes beyond checklists and readability formulas by focusing on the most important research-based items that enhance clarity and aid understanding. The index also provides a numerical score so you can objectively assess and improve materials based on the best available science.

Health Literacy Advisor Software

Health Literacy Innovations

Health Literacy Advisor is the nation’s first interactive health literacy software tool. This powerful software tool assesses and improves the readability of your documents using plain language principles. The HLA works entirely within Microsoft Word (no cutting/pasting to a separate program), offers a full array of readability formulas, and has an easy-to-use interactive “readability-checker.”

Watch a 15-minute demonstration of this tool at