Teach Back

Teach Back Toolkit


The Always Use Teach-Back! training toolkit helps all health care providers learn to use teach-back, every time it is indicated, to support patients and families throughout the care continuum, especially during transitions between health care settings. The toolkit combines health literacy principles of plain language and using teach-back to ensure understanding. Behavior change principles, coaching new habits, and adapting systems to promote consistent use of key practices are also included. This resource contains interactive learning modules, readings, and videos.


Ask Me 3

National Patient Safety Foundation


Ask me 3 is a patient education program designed to improve communication between patients and health care providers. It encourages patients and their families to ask three specific questions of their providers: What is my main problem?, What do I need to do?, and Why is it Important for me to do this?. By asking these questions patients understand their health conditions, know what they need to do to stay healthy, and are encouraged to be active members of their health care team. Ask me 3 provides training materials for organizations including brochures, posters, implementation guides, and videos.

Health Literacy from A-Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message

Helen Osborneā€™s book covers a range of topics from plain language and document formatting to email communication, Web site design, and touchscreen technology. She also covers topics such as shared decision making, risk communication, and dealing with barriers such as blindness or hearing difficulties.