Cancer Clear & Simple

University of Wisconsin Cancer Health Disparities Initiative

Cancer, Clear & Simple (CC&S) is a set of educational materials developed for use with rural communities, and has been adapted for African American populations. Curriculum modules include: Cancer Basics, Cancer Prevention, and Cancer Screening. A Facilitator Guide is available for individuals delivering education sessions. It discusses basic adult learning principles, provides information on how to plan an educational session, and includes a step-by-step guide to the curriculum. There are also over 40 educational handouts available on Cancer Information, Questions to Ask Your Doctor, and Health Tips & Ideas. CC&S materials incorporate health literacy principles and are designed to build knowledge and improve health-related decision-making.


Cancer Patient Education Health Literacy Toolkit

Cancer Patient Education Network

Health literacy is a major challenge and many patient education leads and health care providers struggle with time and resources to address it. Interventions that have been shown to improve health literacy include: health provider training, patient training (self-management), and alternate document design. The toolkit is thus divided into the following sections: Create Awareness, Health Professional Training, Get Patients Involved, Alternate Document Design, and Resource Suggestions.

AMA Health Literacy YouTube Video

American Medical Association Foundation

This video is part of a health literacy educational toolkit developed by the American Medical Association. It focuses on health literacy and patient safety to help patients better understand health information. Patient Interviews and expert examples illustrate ways to remove barriers to better and safer care.