CDC Cancer Prevention and Control

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The cancer prevention and control portion of the CDC’s website focuses on seven main categories: Kinds of Cancers, How to Prevent Cancer or Find it Early, Data and Statistics, Research, Promoting Cancer Prevention, Special Topics, and Resources to Share. Here you can find descriptions and frequently ask questions, screening information, Cancer Rates by race, ethnicity, and sex, as well as links to cancer research.


Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS)

National Cancer Institute

HINTS collects nationally representative data routinely about the American public’s knowledge of, attitudes towards, and use of cancer-related information. The data provides opportunities to understand and improve health communication. The HINTS survey provides updates on changes in fields of health communication and health information technology, helps us understand how adults use different communication channels to access and use health information for themselves and their loved ones, and obtains information about how cancer risks are perceived.

Making Data Talk: A Workbook

National Cancer Institute

This workbook provides an overview of the main points contained in the book Making Data Talk: Communicating Public Health Data to the Public, Policy Makers, and the Press, as well as practical exercises for applying the book’s concepts and communication principles to your unique situation. The ultimate goal of this workbook is to help you select and communicate quantitative data in ways lay audiences can understand.