Health Literacy from A-Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message

Helen Osborne’s book covers a range of topics from plain language and document formatting to email communication, Web site design, and touchscreen technology. She also covers topics such as shared decision making, risk communication, and dealing with barriers such as blindness or hearing difficulties.


Health Literacy Training Manual for Community Health Workers and Frontline Staff

St. Vincent’s Charity Medical Center: Cleveland, Ohio

Titled “Making Health Literacy Work for You,” this manual was written specifically for Front Office and Community Health Workers, but is relevant for many other roles. The information in the manual is designed to be a train-the-trainer workshop using exercises, videos, and small group activities. The curriculum provides a comprehensive knowledge and skill base of general health literacy principles applied to public health and health care scenarios. This workshop’s interactive learning methods will help participants gain familiarity in applying health literacy principles in their interactions with clients and patients.

Download the Health_Literacy_Manual