Building Communities of Care for Military Children and Families

The Future of Children

This article focuses on how to minimize risks that military children face and how to maximize their resilience. The authors suggest developing communities of care. Kudler and Porter review a broad spectrum of programs, developed by the military, by nonprofits, and by academia that may help build these communities of care.



Ready To Serve

RAND Corporation

This report provides findings and recommendations from a survey of civilian mental health providers. The survey evaluated their competency with military and veteran culture, as well as their training and experience treating posttraumatic stress disorder and depression. Key findings are relevant to individuals, organizations, and policy officials concerned about the capacity of the civilian health care sector to deliver culturally competent, high-quality services to veterans and their families.

After Nearly a Decade of War, Servicemembers and Families Report Stress, Resilience

RAND Corporation

Part of the RAND Corporation infographic series, this infographic illustrates challenges of deployed services members. This quick reference summarizes RAND research on deployment effects, challenges, and benefits, as well as comparisons between military children and the general population.