Enroll Nebraska:Education and Engagement Group

Enroll Nebraska


Enroll Nebraska is a statewide network of community organizations, enrollment assisters, health care providers, and advocacy groups working to promote the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and enrollment in health insurance. The Education and Engagement Group is the awareness, outreach, and referral side of Enroll Nebraska. The group is made up of non-health care related nonprofits, agencies, schools, and more. Join the group to stay up-to-date on the ACA and Healthcare.gov, learn key dates, terms, and referral information, connect your clients to quality, affordable health insurance, and get equipped with timely and relevant ACA resources.


Building Communities of Care for Military Children and Families

The Future of Children


This article focuses on how to minimize risks that military children face and how to maximize their resilience. The authors suggest developing communities of care. Kudler and Porter review a broad spectrum of programs, developed by the military, by nonprofits, and by academia that may help build these communities of care.


Ready To Serve

RAND Corporation


This report provides findings and recommendations from a survey of civilian mental health providers. The survey evaluated their competency with military and veteran culture, as well as their training and experience treating posttraumatic stress disorder and depression. Key findings are relevant to individuals, organizations, and policy officials concerned about the capacity of the civilian health care sector to deliver culturally competent, high-quality services to veterans and their families.

After Nearly a Decade of War, Servicemembers and Families Report Stress, Resilience

RAND Corporation


Part of the RAND Corporation infographic series, this infographic illustrates challenges of deployed services members. This quick reference summarizes RAND research on deployment effects, challenges, and benefits, as well as comparisons between military children and the general population.

7 Strategies to Enhance Numeracy Skills

National Academy of Medicine


Individuals make decisions about health and well-being every day. Many of those decisions involve using and understanding numbers, and most of the decisions are made quickly, at home or at work, as a person goes about a daily routine. Even with adequate time, many people lack the skills to make good use of numerical information to help them make informed decisions. Health professionals and health systems also often communicate numerical information poorly, increasing the challenge.This paper aims to provide guiding principles for communicating numbers in a clear, simple way.

Building Access & Understanding of Law in Public Health Practice in Nebraska [Video]

Public Health Law Research National Program Office and Temple University


This 55 min video provides an introduction to and overview of the Law Atlas tool.

Law Atlas

Public Health Law Research National Program Office and Temple University


A tool that collects and displays all of Nebraska’s public health laws.